Esther Ann Rogers
b: MAR 1880
d: 19 JAN 1965
!SOURCE: Scott Richard McLeod, [The
following biographical narrative is based upon information gleaned from
interviews with grand-daughters Myrna Joy McLeod-Grimes and
Geraldine Esther McLeod-Houts, along with public records listed below.]
Esther Rogers was a very simple farm girl born and raised in the Dakota
Territory (later made the state North Dakota). Esther married Archibald
Alexander as a very young girl. Her father Richard attended the
ceremony. There are no other public records about Esther nor are there
any family records or memories from that time. After she divorced
Archibald, her widowed mother Mary moved into the home with her.
After Mary''s death, Esther married Paul Cunningham. They lived in
Illinois on a ranch or farm they rented. They kept up a race horse called
Evil Eye. Esther was apparently very happy with her life with Paul. He
was a very kind and gentle man. He was also a high ranking Mason. When
ever they were in the twin cities, they stopped in to visit her children
and grandchildren. My father Tom, her grandson, recalls at least one
visit to Esther and Pauls farm. At that visit, a very young Tom McLeod
used the cream on Esther''s porch to "paint" his fathers car. By the time
it was discovered, the cream had dried and his father Brenton had a very
difficult time removing it.
!FIRST MARRIAGE: Marriage Certificate of Archibald McLeod and Esther
Ann Rogers.
!SECOND MARRIAGE: Marriage Certificate of Paul Cunningham and Esther
Ann Rogers
  • MAR 1880 - Birth - ; Wahpeton,North Dakota
  • 19 JAN 1965 - Death - ; Chicago,Illinois
Esther Ann Rogers
MAR 1880 - 19 JAN 1965
Family Group Sheet - Child
FEsther Ann Rogers
BirthMAR 1880Wahpeton,North Dakota
Death19 JAN 1965Chicago,Illinois
Marriage22 FEB 1899to Archibald Alexander McLeod at Taylor Township,Minnesota
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Archibald Alexander McLeod
BirthJUL 1855Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada
DeathABT 1943 Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada
Marriage22 FEB 1899to Esther Ann Rogers at Taylor Township,Minnesota
FatherArchibald McLeod
MotherAnnie Henry
PARENT (F) Esther Ann Rogers
BirthMAR 1880Wahpeton,North Dakota
Death19 JAN 1965 Chicago,Illinois
Marriage22 FEB 1899to Archibald Alexander McLeod at Taylor Township,Minnesota
MBrenton Archibald McLeod
Birth8 OCT 1900Fergus Falls,Minnesota
Death22 NOV 1968St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage5 MAY 1925to Frances Dorothy Wattles at St. Paul,Minnesota
MChaston Harvey McLeod
Birth9 NOV 1906Tintah Township,Minnesota
Death4 JAN 1965Omaha,Nebraska
Marriage13 MAR 1937to Helen Washburn at Fargo,North Dakota
MLawrence Wallace McLeod
Birth22 APR 1902Fergus Falls,Minnesota
DeathJUL 1977Minneapolis,Minnesota
Marriage28 APR 1923to Agnes Marie Sevcik at Minnesota
Descendancy Chart
Esther Ann Rogers b: MAR 1880 d: 19 JAN 1965
Archibald Alexander McLeod b: JUL 1855 d: ABT 1943
Brenton Archibald McLeod b: 8 OCT 1900 d: 22 NOV 1968
Frances Dorothy Wattles b: 21 APR 1904 d: 29 SEP 1992
Thomas James McLeod b: 21 JAN 1938
Barbara Joann Francis b: 8 NOV 1941
Scott Richard McLeod b: 11 FEB 1963
Susan Ann Eubank b: 25 NOV 1963
Thomas David McLeod b: 25 MAR 1989
Cassie Ann McLeod b: 7 MAY 1987
Joseph Michael McLeod b: 21 JUN 1957
Marcy Layne Bergman b: 16 AUG 1957
Molly Francis McLeod b: 13 OCT 1986
Samuel Warren McLeod b: 14 MAY 1991
Jeffery Thomas McLeod b: 19 AUG 1959
Robin Galynn Reese b: 17 JUL 1958
Brenton Reese McLeod b: 8 OCT 1993
Franklin Reese McLeod b: 29 AUG 1995
Patricia Louise McLeod b: 15 SEP 1960
Dennis Patrick Todora b: 22 MAY 1960
Dominic Joseph Todora b: 31 AUG 1991
Grace Marie Todora b: 30 JUN 1993
William John McLeod b: 24 FEB 1965
Jeanne Therese Fries b: 13 JAN 1966
Alex Joseph McLeod b: 25 SEP 1991
Lucy Elizabeth McLeod b: 24 JUL 1994
George William McLeod b: 19 MAY 1996
Elizabeth Joy McLeod b: 31 MAY 1998
Robert Anthony McLeod b: 24 FEB 1965
Danelle Kristine Wilcox b: 11 DEC 1964
Maria Margret McLeod b: 16 OCT 1991
Annie Marie McLeod b: 20 JUN 1994
Maxwell Brian McLeod b: 1 AUG 1996
Connor Robert McLeod b: 26 APR 1993 d: 26 APR 1993
Benjamin Robert McLeod b: 7 NOV 1997 d: 7 NOV 1997
Thomas James McLeod b: 6 JAN 1969
Lisa Ann McLeod b: 22 OCT 1961
John David Lofquist b: 21 NOV 1959
Robert John Lofquist b: 17 AUG 1991
Jane Elizabeth Lofquist b: 22 SEP 1993
Joseph Patrick Lofquist b: 16 MAR 1995
Katherine Claire Lofquist b: 14 JUN 1996
Myrna Joy McLeod b: 7 JUL 1932
Richard Walter Grimes b: 21 OCT 1932
Timothy Austin Grimes b: 25 MAR 1957
Mellisa Kay Grimes b: 15 MAY 1986
Michael Brent Grimes b: 12 MAY 1958
Steven Richard Grimes b: 27 FEB 1961
David Christopher Grimes b: 6 DEC 1963
Chaston Harvey McLeod b: 9 NOV 1906 d: 4 JAN 1965
Helen Washburn b: 24 JAN 1912 d: APR 1987
Margaret Diane McLeod b: 22 MAR 1938
Joseph Ferguson b: 26 MAY 1957
Catherine Marie Kudlacz b: 10 JAN 1958
Tina Ferguson b: 18 MAY 1976
Troy Ferguson b: 9 JUN 1982
Trisa Ferguson b: 12 APR 1986
Dianna Ferguson b: 23 JAN 1990
James Ferguson b: 1 FEB 1991
Gayle Worth b: 14 AUG 1936
Lawrence Wallace McLeod b: 22 APR 1902 d: JUL 1977
Agnes Marie Sevcik b: 2 SEP 1903 d: SEP 1981
Geraldine Esther McLeod b: 1 APR 1933
Burl Elwood Houts b: ABT 1935