Guide To Using Our Genealogy Resources

We recommend you begin by using our search bar to find a person relevant to your research.  Each record within the database matching your criteria will be displayed with different layers of information.  There are varying amounts of information on each person record, depending on the information that was collected and recorded at the time of creation. 

The records displayed are laid out as follows:

 Title – This displays the full name of the person with dates of birth and death as known at the time the database was created and based on information available at the time.

 Biography – here you will find details about the person’s biography along with source details where they exist. 

 Facts – These are the facts regarding dates of birth and death and any notable information including titles, occupation/s and census records known at the time of creation

 Ancestors – this will display the person’s ancestral family tree up to two generations.  If the person’s ancestors are within our database, then their names, when clicked on, will lead you to their person record. This will also place the person clicked on into the “position of focus” in the left-hand column of the Pedigree tree and display their ancestors, where known, back two generations to the right.

 Family Group Sheet – Child

This shows the closest Family links for the person as a child.  You will find firstly their parents’ information including links to their parents’ spouse/s and links to their parents’ mother and father (i.e. this person’s grandparents) if these were known at the time of creation.

Secondly, you will find listed in the table the person’s siblings including known details about each.

Family Group Sheet – Spouse

This shows the Family links for the person as a spouse.  You will find information about their spouse/s including dates of birth and death as well as a link to their parents and their spouse’s parents.

Then you will find their children’s information including each child’s dates of birth and death and date of marriage, if known.

 Descendancy Chart   

This final view shows the person’s descendants along with their spouse/s as far as this information is contained within our database. 

Each descendant is prefixed with a number: 2 representing the first generation in descendancy, 3 the second, 4 the third generation and so on.  Links to records are shown up to 9 generations from the person if the information was known at the time of creation.

A spouse can be recognised by a plus sign (+)

For further information for each descendant please click on their name and you will be taken to their person record.

Where these sections are missing, this is because no data exists to populate that particular section.