Thomas James McLeod
b: 6 JAN 1969
!SOURCE: This is a biography written by his brother, Scott Richard
McLeod,, from memories.
Thomas J. McLeod, Jr. (T.J.) was born in St. Paul, Minnesota at St.
Joseph''s Hospital. A nine and a half pound baby. WOW! T.J. was the
youngest of eight. He followed his all his siblings through Immaculate
Heart of Mary grade school, finishing the eighth grade in 1983.
Again, following several family members, T.J. attended Cretin High
School. It was there that several long-lasting friendships were
established. At the age of 15, he started working at Kowalski''s
Supermarket on Grand Ave. in St. Paul. After two short weeks he was
promoted to work in the produce department. This small sounding
promotion had a profound impact on the next seven years of his life. It
was there that he made very strong friendships, and a commitment to
diligence. He practically worked full-time all through high school and
college. With some of this money, and the help of his parents, he took a
trip with his class to Germany. This spurred a huge interest in the
German language and culture.
All these long hours spent at Kowalski''s took valuable time away from
studying. T.J. barely got in to Hamline University. His grades were quite
poor due the lack of effort put forth. However, he learned a strong work
ethic, not once calling in sick to work in seven years, and not once
being late.
T.J. had many interests during college. He triple majored in German,
Political Science, and Philosophy. He also bloomed as a self-taught piano
player. In December 1990, he went to Spain and spent 2 months in
Madrid, returning in February 1991. He also spent the summer of 1991
studying in Duesseldorf, Germany. It was during this trip that T.J.
became quite obsessed with the plan to move to Germany after finishing
college. His grades were representing his enthusiasm now. In order to
graduate inside of five years he would have to go to school all year
around, loading up extra during the fall and spring. During the last 2
years of college, he got almost all straight A''s.
On June 1st, 1992 he moved to Germany getting himself an apartment
and finding several jobs, some piano related. This vision of living abroad
was void of a real plan. He took several more courses in Rothenburg,
Munich, and Murnau, Germany. While dabbling with his interest in
Germany, he obtained a teaching certification.
T.J. began teaching German in the fall of 1995 at his alma-mater, now
the coed Cretin Derham Hall high School. He brought two groups of
students to Germany. The fall of 1997 appears to mark the beginning of
the end for teaching. He is determined to find something else German
related, or perhaps something new. T.J.''s real passions seem to entail
music, foreign languages and cultures.
In following T.J.''s timeline, the two most obvious changes that
occurred in his life are undoubtedly: his decision to quit drinking alcohol,
due to drinking problem, and his re-devotion to Christ. These new
commitments designed a happier, healthier T.J. God bless!
  • 6 JAN 1969 - Birth - ; St. Paul,Minnesota
Brenton Archibald McLeod
8 OCT 1900 - 22 NOV 1968
Thomas James McLeod
21 JAN 1938 -
Frances Dorothy Wattles
21 APR 1904 - 29 SEP 1992
Thomas James McLeod
6 JAN 1969 -
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Thomas James McLeod
Birth21 JAN 1938St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage13 MAR 1957to Barbara Joann Francis at St. Paul,Minnesota
FatherBrenton Archibald McLeod
MotherFrances Dorothy Wattles
PARENT (F) Barbara Joann Francis
Birth8 NOV 1941St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage13 MAR 1957to Thomas James McLeod at St. Paul,Minnesota
MScott Richard McLeod
Birth11 FEB 1963St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage4 OCT 1985to Susan Ann Eubank at St. Paul,Minnesota
MJoseph Michael McLeod
Birth21 JUN 1957St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage19 NOV 1983to Marcy Layne Bergman at Roseville,Minnesota
MJeffery Thomas McLeod
Birth19 AUG 1959St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage25 AUG 1990to Robin Galynn Reese at Minneapolis,Minnesota
FPatricia Louise McLeod
Birth15 SEP 1960St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage19 JUN 1981to Dennis Patrick Todora at St. Paul,Minnesota
MWilliam John McLeod
Birth24 FEB 1965St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage24 NOV 1989to Jeanne Therese Fries at St. Paul,Minnesota
MRobert Anthony McLeod
Birth24 FEB 1965St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage22 JUN 1990to Danelle Kristine Wilcox at White Bear Lake,Minnesota
MThomas James McLeod
Birth6 JAN 1969St. Paul,Minnesota
FLisa Ann McLeod
Birth22 OCT 1961St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage5 MAY 1989to John David Lofquist at St. Paul,Minnesota