Thomas James McLeod
b: 21 JAN 1938
!SOURCE: This is a biography written by their son Scott Richard McLeod,, from memories.
Thomas and Barbara are, by the accounts of almost everyone that ever
met them, two extraordinary people. They are personable, friendly, and
genuinely caring people. Not only to their family, but to friends and
strangers alike.
Thomas was educated at the College of St. Thomas in St. Paul,
Minnesota, and received a law degree from William Mitchell College of
Law in St. Paul, Minnesota. He had five children with his wife Barbara by
the time he graduated from William Mitchell.
Thomas was active in his local catholic church, Immaculate Heart of
Mary. He was a member of the 4th degree of the Knights of Columbus.
The deep catholic faith of Thomas and Barbara was the guiding force in
their life.
Thomas was politically active throughout his entire life. But in his
youth, he was active at the campaign level. He worked countless hours
and enlisted the help of his children as a volunteers for Joe O'' Neil, a
successful Minnesota State Senator in the 1970''s.
Thomas worked his entire professional career, 39 years, at West
Publishing in St. Paul, Minnesota. West Publishing was a privately held
publisher, primarily of law books, and a computer based legal reference
system called `Westlaw''. Thomas began his career at the bottom and
worked his way up through many departments like accounting and
marketing. He retired from West Publishing as a Senior Vice President
when the company was purchased by Thompson Publishing in 1996. In
business, I have discovered that only a select few people can
successfully lead at the corporate level. This was a quality that Tom
not only possessed, but a quality others recognized, or he would never
have reached the level he did.
In this same time, Barbara stayed at home to raise their eight children.
This was no small task. Yet even with a large family, she always
seemed to make an abundance of one-on-one time for me and my siblings.
As a young boy, she would read from books to me at bed time. I have
many memories of shopping with with her for clothes and other things.
And these are just my memories. Im sure my other siblings share the
same types of memories. She certainly had her hands full.
When all the children had grown and become independent, Barbara
started working away from the home. She worked as counselor at a
weight loss clinic, and an administrative receptionist at a doctors
After retiring from West Publishing in 1996, Thomas and his wife
Barbara pursued a number of personal, business and charitable interests
together. With all of their children finally moved out of the house, it
was the first time since 1957, almost 40 years, that they could focus
their lives on their own interests and each other. I cannot speak to my
siblings, but this was a difficult adjustment for me. For 30 years they
had been at my beck and call. Suddenly, they were very busy and
difficult to get together with. Like all my siblings I suppose, I
learned to adapt to their new needs. And they continued to try to spend
personal and private time with me and my family as often as possible.
Barbara and Thomas dedicated not only financial support to charities,
but a significant amount of his personal time as well. Thomas used his
substantial business and political contacts, to act as a fund raiser for
the HealthEast Foundation, Cretin High School, and others. Together they
also worked as volunteers in a hospice center for many years. I also
began to understand the scope of their charitable interests, even though
they rarely discussed it. But small clues helped me understand the depth
and range of their giving. Their giving back to the community, in time
and money, was not for personal acclaim.
Though financially successful, money was never a driving force in
Thomas and Barbara''s life. They are the original authors of a notable
family quote; "Wealth can open many doors, but the key to heaven is
Thomas and Barb do however, leave a material legacy in the form of
Brentwood, a beautiful vacation property on Big Chippawa Lake in
Alexandria Minnesota. The property is a wonderful blend of nature and
modern convenience. Brentwood is named after Thomas''s father, Brenton
Archibald McLeod. Thomas and Barbara built this property up from
scratch and lived in the area almost exclusively in the summers after
1994, when the development began. The property included guest
accommodations for his family and special invited friends.
  • 21 JAN 1938 - Birth - ; St. Paul,Minnesota
Archibald Alexander McLeod
JUL 1855 - ABT 1943
Brenton Archibald McLeod
8 OCT 1900 - 22 NOV 1968
Esther Ann Rogers
MAR 1880 - 19 JAN 1965
Thomas James McLeod
21 JAN 1938 -
Frances Dorothy Wattles
21 APR 1904 - 29 SEP 1992
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Brenton Archibald McLeod
Birth8 OCT 1900Fergus Falls,Minnesota
Death22 NOV 1968 St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage5 MAY 1925to Frances Dorothy Wattles at St. Paul,Minnesota
FatherArchibald Alexander McLeod
MotherEsther Ann Rogers
PARENT (F) Frances Dorothy Wattles
Birth21 APR 1904Stewartville,Minnesota
Death29 SEP 1992 St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage5 MAY 1925to Brenton Archibald McLeod at St. Paul,Minnesota
MThomas James McLeod
Birth21 JAN 1938St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage13 MAR 1957to Barbara Joann Francis at St. Paul,Minnesota
FMyrna Joy McLeod
Birth7 JUL 1932St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage30 JUN 1956to Richard Walter Grimes at St. Paul,Minnesota
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Thomas James McLeod
Birth21 JAN 1938St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage13 MAR 1957to Barbara Joann Francis at St. Paul,Minnesota
FatherBrenton Archibald McLeod
MotherFrances Dorothy Wattles
PARENT (F) Barbara Joann Francis
Birth8 NOV 1941St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage13 MAR 1957to Thomas James McLeod at St. Paul,Minnesota
MScott Richard McLeod
Birth11 FEB 1963St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage4 OCT 1985to Susan Ann Eubank at St. Paul,Minnesota
MJoseph Michael McLeod
Birth21 JUN 1957St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage19 NOV 1983to Marcy Layne Bergman at Roseville,Minnesota
MJeffery Thomas McLeod
Birth19 AUG 1959St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage25 AUG 1990to Robin Galynn Reese at Minneapolis,Minnesota
FPatricia Louise McLeod
Birth15 SEP 1960St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage19 JUN 1981to Dennis Patrick Todora at St. Paul,Minnesota
MWilliam John McLeod
Birth24 FEB 1965St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage24 NOV 1989to Jeanne Therese Fries at St. Paul,Minnesota
MRobert Anthony McLeod
Birth24 FEB 1965St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage22 JUN 1990to Danelle Kristine Wilcox at White Bear Lake,Minnesota
MThomas James McLeod
Birth6 JAN 1969St. Paul,Minnesota
FLisa Ann McLeod
Birth22 OCT 1961St. Paul,Minnesota
Marriage5 MAY 1989to John David Lofquist at St. Paul,Minnesota
Descendancy Chart
Thomas James McLeod b: 21 JAN 1938
Barbara Joann Francis b: 8 NOV 1941
Scott Richard McLeod b: 11 FEB 1963
Susan Ann Eubank b: 25 NOV 1963
Thomas David McLeod b: 25 MAR 1989
Cassie Ann McLeod b: 7 MAY 1987
Joseph Michael McLeod b: 21 JUN 1957
Marcy Layne Bergman b: 16 AUG 1957
Molly Francis McLeod b: 13 OCT 1986
Samuel Warren McLeod b: 14 MAY 1991
Jeffery Thomas McLeod b: 19 AUG 1959
Robin Galynn Reese b: 17 JUL 1958
Brenton Reese McLeod b: 8 OCT 1993
Franklin Reese McLeod b: 29 AUG 1995
Patricia Louise McLeod b: 15 SEP 1960
Dennis Patrick Todora b: 22 MAY 1960
Dominic Joseph Todora b: 31 AUG 1991
Grace Marie Todora b: 30 JUN 1993
William John McLeod b: 24 FEB 1965
Jeanne Therese Fries b: 13 JAN 1966
Alex Joseph McLeod b: 25 SEP 1991
Lucy Elizabeth McLeod b: 24 JUL 1994
George William McLeod b: 19 MAY 1996
Elizabeth Joy McLeod b: 31 MAY 1998
Robert Anthony McLeod b: 24 FEB 1965
Danelle Kristine Wilcox b: 11 DEC 1964
Maria Margret McLeod b: 16 OCT 1991
Annie Marie McLeod b: 20 JUN 1994
Maxwell Brian McLeod b: 1 AUG 1996
Connor Robert McLeod b: 26 APR 1993 d: 26 APR 1993
Benjamin Robert McLeod b: 7 NOV 1997 d: 7 NOV 1997
Thomas James McLeod b: 6 JAN 1969
Lisa Ann McLeod b: 22 OCT 1961
John David Lofquist b: 21 NOV 1959
Robert John Lofquist b: 17 AUG 1991
Jane Elizabeth Lofquist b: 22 SEP 1993
Joseph Patrick Lofquist b: 16 MAR 1995
Katherine Claire Lofquist b: 14 JUN 1996