John Norman MacLeod
b: 8 OCT 1816
d: 18 APR 1886
!BIOGRAPHY: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon and Alick Morrison, THE
MACLEODS--THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section II, Edinburgh, The Clan
MacLeod Society, 1968, pp. 11, 12.
Was born, on 8th October 1816, at Durham, England, and, at four years
of age, accompanied his father to Van Diemen''s Land. On reaching
manhood, John Norman crossed to Port Philip, landed at Indented Head
with sheep, travelled thirty-five miles up the River Moorabool, by way of
Geelong, and firmed his first station, Borhoneyghurk. This was in
October 1837. In the same year he formed another grazing property of
4,300 acres on the Moorabool, and, in June 1848, he purchased a
property, consisting of 3,200 acres, on the Barwon River. In 1849-50, he
sold all three stations, and purchased Tahara and Winninburn sheep runs,
comprising 24,000 acres, on the Wannon River. In 1853, the Winninburn
portion was sold, and later on Tahara. In January 1854, he purchased
Castlemaddie, where he and his family finally settled. John Norman was
appointed a magistrate by Sir George Gipps, and for many years was the
only magistrate at Hamilton. He represented Portland in the Legislative
Assembly at Victoria from 1856 to 1861. Always a friend of the
aborigines, he was responsible for many reforms in the treatment of
these primitive people. John Norman MacLeod married Agnes, daughter of
Alexander Paterson, solicitor, an old resident of Van Diemen''s Land, who
arrived there in 1821, with issue.
John Norman MacLeod died, on 18th April 1886, at Castlemaddie, and
his wife, Agnes Paterson, died, in 1902, at Portland, Victoria.
  • 8 OCT 1816 - Birth - ; Durham,,England
  • 18 APR 1886 - Death - ; Castlemaddie,,Tasmania,Australia
Donald MacLeod
BEF 1794 - 11 APR 1838
John Norman MacLeod
8 OCT 1816 - 18 APR 1886
Catherine MacLean
18 JAN 1787 - 22 FEB 1863
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Donald MacLeod
BirthBEF 1794Talisker House,Isle of Skye,Scotland,United Kingdom
Death11 APR 1838 Sydney,,New South Wales,Australia
Marriage25 APR 1806to Catherine MacLean
FatherMagnus MacLeod
MotherMargaret Isabella MacDonald
PARENT (F) Catherine MacLean
Birth18 JAN 1787New Coll Castle,Isle of Coll,Scotland,United Kingdom
Death22 FEB 1863 Bacchus Marsh,Victoria,,Australia
Marriage25 APR 1806to Donald MacLeod
MMagnus MacLeod
Birth30 AUG 1807Talisker,Skye,Scotland,United Kingdom
MAlexander MacLeod
Birth30 NOV 1808Talisker,Skye,Scotland,United Kingdom
MJohn Norman MacLeod
Birth8 OCT 1816Durham,,England
Death18 APR 1886Castlemaddie,,Tasmania,Australia
Marriageto Agnes Paterson
MHugh Lawrence MacLeod
Birth30 NOV 1818Coll Castle,Isle of Coll,Scotland,United Kingdom
Death9 MAR 1892Geelong,,Tasmania,Australia
Marriage30 NOV 1848to Elizabeth Ann Hines at Christ Church,Geelong
MDonald James MacLeod
Birth16 JUL 1820on ship SKELTON,,Cape Finisterre
MHector Allan MacLeod
Birth25 SEP 1827,,,Tasmania
DeathABT 1878
Marriageto Marion Lord
MRoderick MacLean MacLeod
Birth8 SEP 1829,,,Tasmania
Death7 OCT 1848Benyeo,Apsley,Victoria,Australia
FCatherine Cameron MacLeod
Birth2 FEB 1811Talisker,Skye,Scotland,United Kingdom
FJohana Isabella MacLeod
Birth12 MAR 1812Talisker,Skye,Scotland,United Kingdom
Marriageto Alexander Paterson
FJanet Georgina Hobart MacLeod
Birth18 AUG 1813Talisker,Skye,Scotland,United Kingdom
Death2 SEP 1813Talisker,Skye,Scotland,United Kingdom
FMargaret Sibella MacLeod
Birth27 MAY 1815Talisker,Skye,Scotland,United Kingdom
FMarion Christina Loyd MacLeod
Birth6 MAY 1822Talisker,,,Tasmania
Marriageto Mordaunt MacLean
FJanetta Maria MacLeod
Birth25 JUN 1824Talisker,White Hills,,Tasmania
Death19 APR 1887Salisbury Court,Uralia,New South Wales,Australia
Marriageto Charles Marsh
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) John Norman MacLeod
Birth8 OCT 1816Durham,,England
Death18 APR 1886 Castlemaddie,,Tasmania,Australia
Marriageto Agnes Paterson
FatherDonald MacLeod
MotherCatherine MacLean
PARENT (F) Agnes Paterson
Marriageto John Norman MacLeod
MAlexander Magnus MacLeod
Birth7 AUG 1846Borhoneyghurk,Moorabool,Victoria,Australia
Death19 JUL 1910
Marriageto Caroline Henty
MDonald Norman MacLeod
Birth10 JUN 1848Borhoneyghurk,Moorabool,Victoria,Australia
Death25 OCT 1914Perth,,W. Australia,Australia
Marriage1870to Charlotte Bussell
MWallace MacLeod
Birth25 JUN 1855,,Tasmania,Australia
Death28 JUL 1919
FCatherine MacLeod
Death19 DEC 1919
FNorma MacLeod
Marriageto Frederick Henri Loisel
FConstance MacLeod
Death4 OCT 1934Auckland,,,New Zealand
FJessie Edith MacLeod
Marriageto Frederick Henri Loisel
Descendancy Chart
John Norman MacLeod b: 8 OCT 1816 d: 18 APR 1886
Alexander Magnus MacLeod b: 7 AUG 1846 d: 19 JUL 1910
Francis Henty Silvester b: 26 JUN 1920
Donald Norman MacLeod b: 10 JUN 1848 d: 25 OCT 1914
Charlotte Bussell d: 11 AUG 1926
Norman Alfred MacLeod b: 1 MAR 1880 d: 26 JUN 1896
Hugh Vernon MacLeod b: 23 JAN 1882 d: 26 SEP 1955
Donald Guy MacLeod b: 4 OCT 1885 d: 17 SEP 1955
Donald Ian Guy MacLeod b: 17 APR 1923
Donald Ian MacLeod b: 9 JUN 1949 d: 27 OCT 1955
Evan Guy MacLeod b: 8 APR 1952
Reith Graeme MacLeod b: 28 MAY 1954
Ian Breac MacLeod b: 5 MAR 1964
Penelope Holmes b: 1949
Alexander John MacLeod b: 12 APR 1889 d: 8 APR 1934
David Julius Irwin MacLeod b: 14 JAN 1923
Alastair Fergus MacLeod b: 29 FEB 1896 d: 10 AUG 1964
Jean MacLeod b: 26 JAN 1925
Diana Urquhart MacLeod b: 12 SEP 1927
John Lyall d: 1927
Donald Norman MacLeod Lyall b: 27 SEP 1905
John Vernon Lyall b: 6 SEP 1907
Farquhar Donald McRae b: 18 DEC 1907
George Guy McRae b: 1 OCT 1910
Adye MacLeod Douglas b: 20 FEB 1920
Sholto Douglas b: 30 MAR 1921
Fergus Douglas b: 3 NOV 1922
Arthur David Parkinson b: 15 JUL 1935
Romilly Hebden Farrar b: 14 JUN 1926
Wallace MacLeod b: 25 JUN 1855 d: 28 JUL 1919
Catherine MacLeod d: 19 DEC 1919
Constance MacLeod d: 4 OCT 1934