John Mor MacLeod
b: ABT 1624
d: AFT 1708
CLAN, Section III, "Cadet Families", Edinburgh, The Clan MacLeod Society,
1970, p. 131. [See post The MacLeods of Gesto.]
!SOURCE: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon and Alick Morrison, THE MACLEODS:
THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section III, "Cadet Families", Edinburgh, The
Clan MacLeod Society, 1970, p. 268.
Alias Ean mor mc ean vic urchie in the rentals of 1683-86, who
!SOURCE: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon and Alick Morrison, THE MACLEODS:
THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section III, "Cadet Families", Edinburgh, The
Clan MacLeod Society, 1970, pp. 270-272.
He succeeded his father at Gesto, but for some unaccountable reason, he
is omitted from Captain Neil MacLeod''s Pedigree of his family. Of his
existence, there can be no question: He appears as ''John MacLeod'' in
Gesto and ''Ean mor mc ean vic urchie'' in Glenbracadale in the Skye
Rentals of 1683-86. Further, in a letter by John MacLeod 14th of Gesto
to his cousin Col. John MacLeod of the Netherlands, there is a reference
to the loss of some Gesto territory as a result of the slaughter of
Macaskill of Ebost between 1616 and 1619 by John MacLeod 9th of Gesto,
"Our great-great-grandfather, who forfeited ye lands we had of ye
family". This could only refer to John MacLeod 9th, "the bold and violent
man" who was the great-great-grandfather of both correspondents and
not their great-grandfather as Captain Neil''s Pedigree would have us
believe. From this, it is clear that the Gesto Pedigree has omitted a
leading member of the family of ''mac mhic Tharmid''. The omitted person
is John MacLeod 10th of Gesto, who appears to have received the first
written tack of the farm. He was obviously a man of considerable
substance for the time, when he could make a loan of 4000 merks to Iain
Breac 18th Chief of the Clan to relieve him from the unwelcomed
attention of importunate creditors.
There is also another problem connected with the Gesto tack in 1664. It
is claimed that there existed a list of MacLeod tenants for that year and
that the tack was held by a certain Donald MaLeod. The list is supposed
to have disappeared but a copy was made of it and it is alleged it has
survived in Dunvegan Castle. This is an error, which can be traced to
Lachlan MacDonald of Skeabost. The earliest list of tenants is found in
the Sky Rentals from 1683-86. There exists however a list of tenants
not in 1664 but sixty years later, in 1724. This came about as the result
of a Judicial Enquiry set on foot by Norman 22nd Chief, who was under
the impression that the administration of his estate during his
''pupillarity'', by John MaLeod of Contullich, and his son Roderick MacLeod
of Duart, was dishonest. In order to prove the point he took the sworn
evidence of the tacksmen at the time and failing them, that of
chamberlains and factors known to possess such knowledge as far back
as the time of Iain Breac, who was chief of the clan from 1664 to 1693.
Very few of the deponents in 1724 were born in 1664. Thus the evidence
of Roderick MacLeod of Duart was taken and he was born in 1688. It
seems that Lachlan MacDonald of Skeabost was under the impression
that these tacksmen (of 1724) had been tacksmen in 1664 and his
blunder has caused considerable confusion among those who interested
themselves in the genealogy of the MacLeods of Gesto. MacDonald of
Skeabost noticed that a certain Donald MacLeod gave evidence of the
Gesto tack. For some unknown reason, this was the evidence of Donald
MacLeod of Talisker, who was chamberlain at the time. It is true that
there existed a Donald MacLeod of the Gesto family in 1664. This was
Donald vic Ean vic Urchie, but he was not the tenant of Gesto. As already
noticed, he was a younger member of the family and held the tack of
Summerdale. the tenant of Gesto was Ean mor mac ean vic urchie, a
prosperous tenant, probably due to the increasing trade in black cattle.
Thus in 1674 when Iain Breac, his Chief, was so pressed by his creditors
that he asked for the protection of the Scottish Privy Council, Iain Mor
of Gesto came to his assistance and gave him a loan of 4000 merks. In
return he received a tack of lands of Gesto as well as Boust, Coillore and
Fearran na Caillich; ''as presently possessed by him'', for his own lifetime
and thereafter to his eldest son and heir Murdo for 21 years at an annual
rent of 360 merks. The interest on the loan was £160 Scots annualy
(i.e., 6%) and this was to be deducted annually from the rent. Power was
given to Gesto to ''input'' and ''output'' sub-tenants and to charge whatever
dues and services he required to avoid eviction. This of course does not
say that he used these powers, which were legally his. Living in MacLeod
territory, he was wise enought to realize that those living on his estate
were more than subtenants: they were clansmen. The strict letter of
feudal law was not operating fully yet. On the evidence of Roderick
MacLeod of Contullich, his father the tutor of MacLeod administered the
Estate not so much by feudal law as by custom and ancient usage.
Lowland law and pratice howeer were beginning to intrude into the
Highlands and the Gesto tack is really a wadset, which was common
practice in the South. The wadset enabled tenants, after giving a loan to
secure favourable formal agreements. These put the wadsetter in a
strong position for he could not be evicted until the loan was fully paid
and in addition he secured a greater legal power over his subtenants.
The loan was almost repaid in full by 1708, when the full rent was
charged on the Gesto tack. John MacLeod was married to Margaret
MacLeod of Drynoch, with issue.
  • ABT 1624 - Birth -
  • AFT 1708 - Death -
  • Nobility Title - X of Gesto
Murdo MacLeod
ABT 1560 - AFT 1616
John MacLeod
ABT 1592 -
John Mor MacLeod
ABT 1624 - AFT 1708
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John MacLeod
BirthABT 1592
Marriageto Maria MacDonald
FatherMurdo MacLeod
MotherFlora MacDonald
PARENT (F) Maria MacDonald
Marriageto John MacLeod
MJohn Mor MacLeod
BirthABT 1624
DeathAFT 1708
Marriageto Margaret MacLeod
MMurdo MacLeod
MDonald MacLeod
MJohn Og MacLeod
FFlorence MacLeod
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) John Mor MacLeod
BirthABT 1624
DeathAFT 1708
Marriageto Margaret MacLeod
FatherJohn MacLeod
MotherMaria MacDonald
PARENT (F) Margaret MacLeod
Marriageto John Mor MacLeod
MotherCatherine Campbell
FFlorence MacLeod
Marriageto Angus Bethune
MMurdo MacLeod
BirthABT 1656
Marriageto Daughter MacLeod
FDaughter MacLeod
Marriageto Peter Bethune
MDonald MacLeod
BirthABT 1660
Marriageto Isabel MacLennan
FMargaret MacLeod
MarriageBEF 1750to Angus Beaton
Marriageto John Og Bethune
FDaughter MacLeod
Marriageto Roderick MacLeod
Descendancy Chart
John Mor MacLeod b: ABT 1624 d: AFT 1708
John MacLeod b: BEF 1769
John Bethune b: BEF 1778
Hector Bethune b: BEF 1778
Janet Bethune b: BEF 1778
John Bethune b: BEF 1778 d: AFT 1778
Flora Bethune b: 27 FEB 1752
Margaret Bethune b: BEF 1778 d: AFT 1778
John MacLeod b: BEF 1778
Roderick MacLeod b: BEF 1778
Donald MacLeod b: BEF 1778
Norman MacLeod b: BEF 1778
Christian MacLeod b: BEF 1778
Margaret MacLeod b: BEF 1778
Anne MacLeod b: BEF 1778
Murdo MacLeod b: ABT 1656
William MacLeod b: ABT 1752
Murdo MacLeod b: ABT 1780 d: 1863
William MacLeod b: 1822 d: AFT 1871
Myrtle MacLeod d: 1969
Norman MacLeod d: 1853
John MacLeod b: 1849 d: 1928
Malcolm MacLeod d: 1915
Donald MacLeod d: 1917
Norman MacLeod b: 1851 d: 1905
Norman MacLeod b: 1886 d: 1969
10 Norman MacLeod b: 1926
Hector MacLeod b: BEF 1910 d: 1937
Donald MacLeod b: ABT 1660
John MacLeod b: BEF 1769
Lieut. Norman MacLeod b: ABT 1690 d: 6 SEP 1729
Geertruid Schrassert b: 1689 d: 1764
Col. John MacLeod b: 1727 d: 1804
Maj.-Gen. Norman MacLeod b: 1755 d: 1837
Sarah Evans d: 1862
Lieut.-General Norman MacLeod b: 1811 d: 3 APR 1896
Jacomina Joanna Esser b: 1812 d: 1844
Vice-Admiral Norman MacLeod b: 1 SEP 1837 d: 28 JAN 1934
Johanna Benedicta Wilhelmina van_Voss b: 5 APR 1846 d: 5 AUG 1917
10 Gwendolyn Manuel b: 1948
Willem Hioolen b: 1870 d: 5 APR 1932
Mary Ann Sara MacLeod b: 1871 d: 1884
Sara Catherine MacLeod b: 1875 d: 4 DEC 1964
Pieter Simon Groen b: 1866 d: 1937
Mathilda MacLeod b: SEP 1839 d: FEB 1844
Edward Donald Henry MacLeod b: 1842 d: 1922
Anna Klazina van_Bochove b: 1845 d: 1929
Anna MacLeod b: 10 MAY 1912
10 Raoul Edward Rhymond Angenot b: 31 AUG 1946
Ellen MacLeod b: 1913
10 Helen Hoorweg b: 1940
10 Ir. Peter Hoorweg b: 1940
10 Gwendolyn Manuel b: 1948
John van_Brienen MacLeod b: 1825 d: 1868
Dina Louisa Baptist b: 1831 d: 1901
Rudolph MacLeod b: 1856 d: 1928
Margaretha Geertruida ''Mata_Hari'' Zelle b: 7 AUG 1876 d: 15 OCT 1917
Norman John MacLeod b: 30 JAN 1897 d: 28 JUN 1899
Louise Jeanne MacLeod b: 2 MAY 1898 d: 10 AUG 1919
Norma MacLeod b: 29 JAN 1909 d: OCT 1935
Grietjie Meijer b: 1891
Non MacLeod b: 30 JAN 1921
Dirk Hendrik van_Mourik b: 21 APR 1914
Donald Og MacLeod b: BEF 1723 d: AFT 1774
Angus MacLeod b: BEF 1785 d: ABT 1788
Alexander MacLeod b: BEF 1801 d: AFT 1801
Lauchlan MacLeod b: 1762 d: 1832
Marion MacLean d: 1821
Angus MacLeod b: 1797 d: 1837
Donald MacLeod b: 1798 d: 1813
Norman MacLeod b: 14 FEB 1800 d: 30 MAR 1877
Angus MacLeod b: 1847 d: 1920
Neil Beaton b: BEF 1750