Arthur James MacLeod
b: 20 SEP 1829
d: 17 OCT 1906
!MENTION: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon and Alick Morrison, THE
MACLEODS--THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section II, Edinburgh, The Clan
MacLeod Society, 1968, p. 54.
After a career as a school teacher, studied law at Harvard and after
graduation practised at the Massachusetts Bar. He wrote the NOTARY OF
GRAND PRE, a story based on the expulsion of the Acadians. He married
Eunice Dean Waterman whose ancestors included at least 4 Mayflower
Pilgrims, viz.: Isaac Allerton, Joseph Rogers, Stephen Hopkins and
William Brewster. Arthur James MacLeod and Eunice D. Waterman had
  • 20 SEP 1829 - Birth - ; ,,Nova Scotia,Canada
  • 17 OCT 1906 - Death - ; Clementsport,,Nova Scotia,Canada
James Bent MacLeod
25 OCT 1799 - 17 MAY 1881
Arthur James MacLeod
20 SEP 1829 - 17 OCT 1906
Ann Barss Smith
17 NOV 1807 - 7 FEB 1891
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) James Bent MacLeod
Birth25 OCT 1799,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Death17 MAY 1881 South Brookfield,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Marriage20 SEP 1826to Ann Barss Smith at ,,Nova Scotia,Canada
PARENT (F) Ann Barss Smith
Birth17 NOV 1807
Death7 FEB 1891 South Brookfield,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Marriage20 SEP 1826to James Bent MacLeod at ,,Nova Scotia,Canada
FAngelina Barss MacLeod
Birth6 MAR 1827,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Death1902Cambridge,,Massachusetts,United States
MArthur James MacLeod
Birth20 SEP 1829,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Death17 OCT 1906Clementsport,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Marriage25 JAN 1855to Eunice Dean Waterman at Milton,,Nova Scotia,Canada
FLydia Anne MacLeod
Birth2 FEB 1831,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Death1 MAY 1892
MZenas Waterman MacLeod
Birth14 OCT 1832Brookfield,,Nova Scotia,Canada
MWilliam MacLeod
Birth18 OCT 1834,,Nova Scotia,Canada
FCharlotte MacLeod
Birth4 AUG 1836,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Death1 JAN 1926Caledonia,,Nova Scotia,Canada
FOrinda MacLeod
Birth29 JAN 1838,,Nova Scotia,Canada
MFranklin MacLeod
Birth10 OCT 1839,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Marriage31 MAR 1860to Margaret Gilnaught
MRobert Randall MacLeod
Birth16 AUG 1841Westfield,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Death12 FEB 1909Winthrop,,Massachusetts,United States
Marriage14 JUL 1870to Agnes Sophia Swansburg
MCrofton Uniac MacLeod
Birth14 MAR 1843,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Death1 JUL 1867Shelburne,,Nova Scotia,Canada
MJason MacLeod
Birth29 JUN 1845,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Death1 JUL 1933
Marriage8 JUL 1871to Ellen Amelia Churchill
MThomas Bryden MacLeod
Birth12 DEC 1848,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Death8 FEB 1896
Marriage26 DEC 1872to Margaret Ann Dillman at ,,Nova Scotia,Canada
MAlexander Hitchborn MacLeod
Birth28 OCT 1850,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Death9 JUN 1851,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Arthur James MacLeod
Birth20 SEP 1829,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Death17 OCT 1906 Clementsport,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Marriage25 JAN 1855to Eunice Dean Waterman at Milton,,Nova Scotia,Canada
FatherJames Bent MacLeod
MotherAnn Barss Smith
PARENT (F) Eunice Dean Waterman
Birth28 FEB 1833,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Marriage25 JAN 1855to Arthur James MacLeod at Milton,,Nova Scotia,Canada
MMalcolm G. MacLeod
Birth10 FEB 1856
Death20 DEC 1856Nictaux,,Nova Scotia,Canada
FIda Mary MacLeod
Birth2 FEB 1859,,Nova Scotia,Canada
FAgnes Smith MacLeod
Birth27 JAN 1861,,Nova Scotia,Canada
FGrace Dean MacLeod
Birth19 APR 1863,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Death1958,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Marriageto Henry Wyckoff Rogers
FKate Condon MacLeod
Birth12 JUN 1865
FJosephine Waterman MacLeod
Birth10 OCT 1867,,Nova Scotia,Canada
Marriage11 SEP 1895to John W. Dewis
Descendancy Chart
Arthur James MacLeod b: 20 SEP 1829 d: 17 OCT 1906
Eunice Dean Waterman b: 28 FEB 1833
Malcolm G. MacLeod b: 10 FEB 1856 d: 20 DEC 1856
Ida Mary MacLeod b: 2 FEB 1859
Agnes Smith MacLeod b: 27 JAN 1861 d: 1927
Grace Dean MacLeod b: 19 APR 1863 d: 1958
Henry Wyckoff Rogers b: 1858 d: 1942
Norman MacLeod Rogers b: 1894 d: 1940
Isabel MacPhail b: 1897 d: 1967
David Barss Rogers b: 1898 d: 1967
Kate Condon MacLeod b: 12 JUN 1865 d: 1930
Josephine Waterman MacLeod b: 10 OCT 1867 d: 1959
John W. Dewis b: 24 FEB 1866 d: 1957