Alexander Alasdair Ruadh MacLeod
b: ABT 1660
d: (ABT 1724/1727)
!SOURCE: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon and Alick Morrison, THE MACLEODS --
THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section III, "MacLeod Cadet Families",
Edinburgh, The Clan MacLeod Society, 1970, pp. 204, 205-206.
Alexander (Alasdair Ruadh) succeeded his father in the tack of
Kirktown (Baile na Cille) in Pabbay and the stewardship of St. Kilda. His
tack in Kirktown, where he resided, extended to 3 1/2 pennylands for
which he paid 100 merks in Scots money as well as 12 bolls of Victual,
12 stones half butter, half cheese, 6 wedders and a mart in rent annually
to MacLeod. He also possessed the tack of Varkasaig in Skye. Martin
Martin knew him and accompanied him on one of the periodic visits he
made to St. Kilda once every summer to demand the rents, viz. down,
wool, butter, cheese, cows, horses, fowl, oil and barley. Martin has left
a fascinating account of St. Kilda in his DESCRIPTION OF THE WESTERN
In the uncertain weather of the Hebrides, a voyage to St. Kilda was a
hazardous experience in those far off days. Martin relates -- "The
Steward of St. Kilda was returning from St. Kilda with the rent in 1689
when he was driven off course to North Rona, 40 miles north of the Butt
of Lewis. On board were Alexander, the Steward, his wife, crew and also
Roderick MacKenzie the ''christian imposter of St. Kilda'', whom
Alexander''s wife regarded also as a Jonah. Alexander possessed a sense
of humour "which he did not lose when in dire stratis". In his efforts to
lighten the boat, he was compelled throw overboard many of the skin
sacks full of beer, with the comment, "Is ann agam a than am poll-bracha
as farsinge ann Alba" (Mine is the widest malting pot in Scotland). The
Pabbay company were storm-stayed in North Rona for 3 months, and
when they later returned home, "it was as if they had returned from the
dead". In North Rona, they made the unfortunate discovery that all the
inhabitants were dead. Before they left the island, one of the crew
suggested to Alexander MacLeod that he should leave some momento of
his visit. Alexander, a very strong man, lifted a large boulder and placed
it on top of an outcrop of rock, remarking at the same time "that it
would be a long time before anyone would shift it from there". The
boulder is known as Ultach Fear Hiort, which is still a notable landmark
on the island.
Alexander used to visit the neighboring island of Berneray and enjoyed
the keen competiton of Sir Norman MacLeod in a game of tables
(falmermore). On one occasion, the Steward was having an unfortunate
spell during the game "when a stander-by, with no skill in the game,
desired the Steward to alter and replace two of his men in different
stations, which he pointed at; whereupon, Sir Norman, being offended,
enquired how the D----d he came by that knowledge. The man said that a
Browny coming in and, as he looked on, pointed with a wand in his hand
at the movements he named, and so disappeared". [Theophilus Insulanus,
The story of Lady Grange and her abduction to St. Kilda has already been
referred to in our account of the Berneray family. It is interesting to
note that there was an attempt to secrete another lady in St. Kilda some
20 years earlier. Margaret Robertson, a sister of Robertson of Struan
wrote as follows from Uist on 17th April 1715, "I was immediately
carried to Alexander McLowd in paby, to be prevailed with to keep me
prisoner at Heirt (St. Kilda), belonging to McLowd, but the Gentleman
would not condescend for fear of his Grace, The Duke of Atholl".
Alexander the Steward of St. Kilda was alive in 1724 when he gave
evidence on the rent of his tack of Varkasaig as far back as the chiefship
of Iain Breac MacLeod. He must have died soon after for in 1727 the Rev.
Alexander Buchan records that his son John was now the Steward of St.
Kilda. Alexander MacLeod was married, with issue.
  • ABT 1660 - Birth -
  • (ABT 1724/1727) - Death -
Neil MacLeod
ABT 1596 -
Alexander Alasdair Ruadh MacLeod
ABT 1660 - (ABT 1724/1727)
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Norman Tarmod MacNeill MacLeod
BirthABT 1628
Marriageto ?
FatherNeil MacLeod
MAlexander Alasdair Ruadh MacLeod
BirthABT 1660
Death(ABT 1724/1727)
Marriageto ?
FMarion Mor MacLeod
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Alexander Alasdair Ruadh MacLeod
BirthABT 1660
Death(ABT 1724/1727)
Marriageto ?
FatherNorman Tarmod MacNeill MacLeod
MJohn MacLeod
MWilliam MacLeod
BirthBEF 1751
Marriageto ?
MMurdoch MacLeod
BirthBEF 1745
Marriageto ?
MNorman MacLeod
BirthBEF 1734
MRoderick MacLeod
BirthBEF 1765
FJane MacLeod
FFlora MacLeod
Marriageto ?
Descendancy Chart
Alexander Alasdair Ruadh MacLeod b: ABT 1660 d: (ABT 1724/1727)
John MacLeod b: 1696 d: 1792
William MacLeod b: BEF 1751 d: 1774
John MacLeod d: 17 OCT 1816
Murdoch MacLeod b: BEF 1745
Rev. Alexander Campbell b: 1770 d: 15 FEB 1811
Lieut. John Campbell b: 1805 d: 25 JUN 1826
William Campbell b: BEF 1826 d: AFT 1826
Alexandrina Campbell b: BEF 1826 d: BEF 1826
Isabella Campbell b: ABT 1809 d: 14 OCT 1867
Henry Burrard Dalzell b: 1804 d: 1 NOV 1887
Arthur John Dalzell b: 8 APR 1829 d: 9 APR 1849
Robert Augustus Dalzell b: 13 OCT 1838 d: 20 APR 1869
Eleanor Carnwath Dalzell b: 14 AUG 1840 d: 29 MAY 1867
Edith Isabella Dalzell b: 15 OCT 1843 d: 7 MAY 1909
Admiral Edward Stanley Adeane b: 7 DEC 1836 d: 18 OCT 1902
Henry Robert Augustus Adeane b: 31 JUL 1882 d: 2 NOV 1914
Michael Edward Adeane b: 30 SEP 1910
Jean Mary Campbell b: 10 JAN 1803 d: 9 AUG 1886
Dr. Donald Campbell b: 2 JAN 1802 d: 28 JAN 1858
Norman MacLeod b: BEF 1734
Roderick MacLeod b: BEF 1765 d: 1766
Jane MacLeod b: 1708