Alexander MacLeod
!SOURCE: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon and Alick Morrison, THE MACLEODS:
THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section III, "MacLeod Cadet Families",
Edinburgh, The Clan MacLeod Society), 1970, pp. 226, 231-232.
Alexander MacLeod was the elder son of John MacLeod of Bay''s second
marriage with the Beaton or Bethune heiress of the tack. In the
testament, dated 26th July 1799, made and given up by him on behalf of
his father who died in 1792, he describes himself as "Lieutenant
Alexander MacLeod, lawful son of the defunct and Executor dative qua
nearest in kin to his father, John MacLeod of Bay". He succeeded to Bay
in 1792; he joined the Skye Volunteers as First Lieutenant in 1795, and
became a Captain in the Princess Charlotte of Wales'' Fencibles on 11th
June 1799. He left Bay and moved to Gillen, probably for three reasons:
(1) the house in Gillen was in better repair, (2) he was probably annoyed
when the Chief''s Trustees in 1790 sold a part of the tack of Bay to the
North British Fishery Society, and (3) members of the Fishery Society
were behaving disagreeably to the old inhabitants in the area. An
incident to prove this occurred on Saturday, 6th June 1801. Captain
Alexander MacLeod of Bay and Captain Norman MacLeod (Cypruss) were
walking round the head of the Bay, when they were approached by an
agent of the Society, William Porter, an Irish surgeon. In his hand, he
wielded a heavy stick, which which he repeatedly struck Captain
Alexander MacLeod over the head until the blood ran down in torrents
over his shoulders. As a result Captain Alexander''s vision was
permanently affected and his head was so painful and swollen that he
was probably saved from worse misfortune by the prompt care and
attention of Dr. John Maaskill. Captain Alexander demanded £200
damages for this dastardly attack. He described the behaviour of the
British Fishery Society''s Agent as "more like a Spanish viceroy than a
man employed to encourage the natives of this country to industry and to
direct their attention from emigrating to the States of America." The
fishing venture at Loch Bay eventually failed and the Society was
compelled to sell its lands in Skye in 1837.
Captain Alexander MacLeod of Bay and Gillen married Flora, daughter of
the Rev. William MacQueen of Snizort, with issue.
  • Nobility Title - II of Bay
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (F) Miss Beaton
MarriageABT 1743to ?
MAlexander MacLeod
Marriageto Flora MacQueen
MRev. John MacLeod
Death6 FEB 1841Dundonald
Marriageto Anne MacDonald
Marriageto Janet Campbell
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Alexander MacLeod
Marriageto Flora MacQueen
MotherMiss Beaton
PARENT (F) Flora MacQueen
Marriageto Alexander MacLeod
MJohn MacLeod
Birth14 FEB 1784
Death19 AUG 1846,,Mauritius
Marriage30 JUL 1816to Mary Frances Hall at Vellore,,Madras
FCatherine "Kate_Gillen" MacLeod
Death30 AUG 1853
Descendancy Chart
John MacLeod b: 14 FEB 1784 d: 19 AUG 1846
Alexander Charles MacLeod b: 11 FEB 1819 d: 20 AUG 1914
Neilina Marion MacKellar b: JAN 1827 d: ABT 1849
Flora Maye MacLeod b: 1 MAY 1852
Eliza Caroline MacLeod b: 20 OCT 1856
Mary Catherine MacLeod b: 23 OCT 1860
George Prideaux b: 18 OCT 1882
Annie Golland b: 26 DEC 1847
Charles Edward Alexander MacLeod b: 10 SEP 1867 d: 9 JAN 1939
Edith Ann Budd-Budd b: 2 SEP 1873
Alexander Cameron MacLeod b: 7 DEC 1899
Jean Marjorie Fergusson b: 8 OCT 1913
Ceridwen Mavis Roberts b: 28 NOV 1933
Alasdair Breac MacLeod b: 16 NOV 1966
Alison Fiona MacLeod b: 17 JUN 1968
Fiona MacLeod b: 1 JUL 1938
Catherine MacLeod b: 17 APR 1947
Douglas Hamilton MacLeod b: 9 MAY 1901 d: 1970
John Rory MacLeod b: 1 DEC 1934
Zoe Alexandra MacLeod b: 19 JAN 1968
Ewan Douglas MacLeod b: 23 NOV 1936
Alexandra Mairi MacLeod b: 24 JAN 1938
Leopold Conway Seymour b: 17 FEB 1959
Mark Hamilton Seymour b: 5 JUL 1960
John Leslie MacLeod b: 23 MAY 1903 d: 3 MAY 1969
Jane MacLeod b: 9 OCT 1935
Clair O''Hea b: 2 JUN 1968
Niall James MacLeod O''Hea b: 16 JAN 1970
Jennifer MacLeod b: 10 OCT 1935
John Leslie Barnard b: 20 JUL 1958
Sarah Barbara Barnard b: 26 JUN 1960
Muriel Edith MacLeod b: 11 NOV 1908
John MacLeod Pilling b: 5 AUG 1935
Anthony MacLeod Pilling b: 28 SEP 1938
Sheila MacLeod b: 25 SEP 1915
Richard Graham Willis b: 21 MAR 1937
Steven Richard Willis b: 11 FEB 1961
Alexandra Jean Willis b: 7 FEB 1963
Peter Charles Willis b: 30 MAR 1939
Michael John Willis b: 8 DEC 1970
Ewan Cameron MacLeod b: 16 AUG 1868 d: 31 OCT 1946
Roderick Alexander MacLeod b: 23 DEC 1869 d: 18 JAN 1955
Florence Dalley d: 1949
Annie Di Minima MacLeod b: 2 NOV 1871 d: 18 JAN 1961
Flora MacLeod b: 1820 d: 1820
Hamilton Hall MacLeod b: 27 SEP 1921
William Tolme MacLeod b: 25 FEB 1823 d: 1824
John Arthur MacLeod b: 20 NOV 1824 d: 1827
Mary MacLeod b: 31 OCT 1825
John MacLeod b: 28 MAY 1930