Kenneth MacKenzie
b: BEF 1594
d: 15 APR 1633
Edinburgh, 1716, p. 436. [CAUTION: His information is confused and
Colin was succeeded by Kenneth his Son, who being a Person of great
Spirit and Courage, and of a fair Fortune, his Majesty King James VI. was
pleased to raise him to the Honour of Peerage by the Title of Lord
Mackenzie of Kintail, on the 19th of November 1609, and giving Way to
Fate in March 1611, left Issue by Anne his first Wife, Daughter of George
Ross of Balnagown, Colin his Successor; also Two Daughters, Barbara
married to Donald Lord Rae, and Janet to Sir Donald Mackdonald of Slate,
Baronet, and had Issue; also by Isobel his second Wife, Daughter of
Gilbert Ogilvie of Powrie, he had George thereafter Earl of Seaforth,
Thomas Mackenzie of Pluscarty, Simon Mackenzie of Lochslin, the Father
of Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh; and a Daughter Sibella, married to
John M''Leod of That Ilk.
Which Kenneth being a Nobleman of great Parts and signal Loyalty, was
by the special Favour of King James VI. honoured with the Title of Earl of
Seaforth, by Letters Patent, bearing Date the 3d of December 1623. He
marreid Margaret, Daughter of Alexander Earl of Dunfermling, by whom
he had only Two Daughters, jean, married first to John Lord Berindale,
and after to Alexander Lord Duffas; and Anne to Alexander Earl of
Balcarras, and again to Archbald Earl of ARgyle; and dying on the 15th of
April 1633, George his Brother of the Half-Blood succeeded Him in his
Estate and Honour.
!BIOGRAPHY: Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie, Baronet, THE BARONAGE
OF SCOTLAND, Edinburgh, 1798, p. 382.
XII. Kenneth MacKenzie of Kintail, the eldest son, had charters of Little
Scattell and other lands, 27th February 1594-5; of the barony of
Pluscardine, of new united into a barony and regality, of the same date;
of the church lands of Cullicudden, &c. with the office of constable of
the bishoprick of Ross, 27th March 1595; of the manor of Pluscardine, to
him and Isobel Ogilvy his wife; 12th March 1607; of the barony of
Lochailsche, including the castle of Strome, the lands of Lochailsche,
Lochcarroun, and Lewis, 17th March 1607, and of Incherorie and others
lands, 15th April 1608. He was created a peer, by the title of Lord
Mackenzie of Kintail, by patent dated 19th November 1609, had charters
to Kenneth, Lord Mackenzie of Kintail, of the ecclesiastical lands of
Cullicudden, 5th June 1610, and of the barony of Lewis, 20th July 1610;
and he died in March 1611. He married, first, Anne, daughter of George
Ross of Balnagowan, and by her had issue….
His Lordship married, secondly, Isabel, daughter of Sir Gilbert Ogilvy of
Pourie, and by her, who took to her second husband the Hon. Sir John
Seton of Barna, and died in September 1618, had issue.
!BIOGRAPHY: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon, and Alick Morrison, MACLEOD
CHIEFS OF HARRIS AND DUNVEGAN, Edinburgh, The Clan MacLeod Society,
1969, p. 25.
  • BEF 1594 - Birth -
  • 15 APR 1633 - Death -
  • Nobility Title - I Lord Kintail
Kenneth MacKenzie
BEF 1543 - 6 JUN 1568
Sir Colin MacKenzie
BEF 1574 - 14 JUN 1594
Kenneth MacKenzie
BEF 1594 - 15 APR 1633
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Sir Colin MacKenzie
BirthBEF 1574
Death14 JUN 1594
Marriageto Barbara Grant
Marriageto Mary MacKenzie
FatherKenneth MacKenzie
MotherIsabel Stewart
PARENT (F) Barbara Grant
Marriageto Sir Colin MacKenzie
FatherJames Grant
MKenneth MacKenzie
BirthBEF 1594
Death15 APR 1633
Marriageto Isabel Ogilvie
Marriageto Anne Ross
MSir Roderick MacKenzie
BirthBEF 1609
MColin MacKenzie
MAlexander MacKenzie
BirthBEF 1618
Marriageto Jean Fraser
FMargaret MacKenzie
Marriageto Simon
Marriageto Lachlan MacLean
FMary MacKenzie
Marriageto Donald MacDonald
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Kenneth MacKenzie
BirthBEF 1594
Death15 APR 1633
Marriageto Isabel Ogilvie
Marriageto Anne Ross
FatherSir Colin MacKenzie
MotherBarbara Grant
PARENT (F) Isabel Ogilvie
Marriageto Kenneth MacKenzie
Marriageto Hon. John Seton
FatherGilbert Ogilvie
FHon. Sibylla MacKenzie
BirthBEF 1691
Marriageto John Iain Mor MacLeod
MHon. Alexander MacKenzie
MGeorge MacKenzie
BirthBEF 1620
Marriageto Barbara Forbes
MHon. Thomas MacKenzie
BirthBEF 1636
DeathAFT 1687
MHon. Simon MacKenzie
Marriageto Elisabeth Bruce
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Kenneth MacKenzie
BirthBEF 1594
Death15 APR 1633
Marriageto Isabel Ogilvie
Marriageto Anne Ross
FatherSir Colin MacKenzie
MotherBarbara Grant
PARENT (F) Anne Ross
Marriageto Kenneth MacKenzie
FatherGeorge Ross
FHon. Barbara MacKenzie
Marriageto Donald Reay
MJohn MacKenzie
Marriageto Isabel MacKenzie
MColin MacKenzie
BirthBEF 1615
Death15 APR 1633
Marriageto Lady Margaret Seton
FHon. Janet MacKenzie
Descendancy Chart
Kenneth MacKenzie b: BEF 1594 d: 15 APR 1633
Hon. Sibylla MacKenzie b: BEF 1691
John Iain Mor MacLeod b: 1595 d: SEP 1649
Simon Fraser d: 9 APR 1747
John Iain_Breac MacLeod b: 1637 d: 1693
Dr. Donald Morrison b: BEF 1697 d: BEF 1761
Margaret MacLeod b: AFT 1778
Captain Alexander Morrison b: 1717 d: 28 JAN 1805
Roderick Ruairidh_Og MacLeod b: 1674 d: 24 JUN 1699
Norman MacLeod b: 1685 d: 1706
John MacLeod b: 1704 d: 1706
Norman The_Red_Man MacLeod b: 29 JUL 1705 d: 1772
Lieut. John Keith d: 24 OCT 1755
John MacLeod b: (1725/1726) d: 7 JAN 1767
Alexandra MacLeod d: AFT 7 JUN 1810
John MacKinnon d: 1808
Charles Villiers MacKinnon b: 18 JAN 1797
S. Kendal d: 19 MAY 1850
Charles Pickford b: 21 JUL 1769
Francis Pickford b: 10 JUN 1801
Isabella MacLeod d: 19 DEC 1788
Anne MacLeod d: 1826
Norman The_General MacLeod b: 1754 d: 1801
Elizabeth MacLeod d: 9 OCT 1826
Sir James Pringle b: BEF 1767 d: 7 APR 1809
Robert Pringle d: ABT 1806
Elizabeth Pringle d: OCT 1865
Mary Pringle d: 23 OCT 1865
George MacKenzie b: BEF 1620 d: 1651
Kenneth MacKenzie b: BEF 1654 d: DEC 1678
Kenneth MacKenzie d: JAN 1701
Lady Frances Herbert d: 16 DEC 1732
Mary Kennet d: AUG 1739
Lady Frances MacKenzie d: 7 JAN 1796
Lady Anne MacKenzie d: 12 NOV 1734
Roderick Ruairidh_Og MacLeod b: 1674 d: 24 JUN 1699
Barbara MacKenzie b: BEF 1686
George MacKenzie b: 10 DEC 1669
Lady Mary MacKenzie d: MAY 1668
Hon. Thomas MacKenzie b: BEF 1636 d: AFT 1687
Agnes MacKenzie b: 2 JAN 1663
John MacKenzie b: 15 APR 1664
Simon MacKenzie b: 11 AUG 1665
Elisabeth MacKenzie b: 24 OCT 1667
George MacKenzie b: 8 AUG 1669
Jean MacKenzie b: 4 APR 1671
Margaret MacKenzie b: 27 JUL 1672
James MacKenzie b: 8 OCT 1674
George MacKenzie b: BEF 9 NOV 1691 d: OCT 1707
Simon MacKenzie d: BEF 1689
Sir_Roderick MacLeod b: 1606 d: 1675
Sir Norman MacLeod b: ABT 1614 d: 3 MAR 1705
Alexander MacLeod d: AFT 1720
John MacLeod b: 1646 d: 1726
Colin MacKenzie b: BEF 1615 d: 15 APR 1633
Lady Margaret Seton b: 8 AUG 1599