Colin Fitzgerald
b: BEF 1263
d: 1278
Edinburgh, 1716, pp. 435-436.
Among the many brave Scots-Men who signaliz''d themselves for the
Service of their Country at the Battle of the Largs, in 1263, there was a
Gentleman, a Foreigner, on Colin Fitz Gerald, Son to the Earl of Kildare or
Desmond, of the Kingdom of Ireland, whose Courage and Valour on that
Occasion was so singularly remarkable, that King Alexander took him
into his special Protection, and was aftereward pleas''d to bestow upon
him the Lands of Kintail in Ross-Shire, pro bono & fideli servitio, tam in
Bello quam in Pace; and to be hald by him in liberam baroniam as the
original Charter bears, dated from Kincardine, 9th of January 1266
[Original Charter of the Lands of Kintail, by King Alexander III. to this
Colino Hybernio, is in the Hands of the Earl of Seaforth, and was kindly
communicated to me by that noble Lord and excelent Antiquary the Earl
of Cromarty, who wrote an Essay on his own Name and Family of the
Mackenzies, which is in many Hands in M.S. The most exact Copy I have
seen of these Memoirs, is in the Custody of Mr. John Mackenzie of Delvin,
who very civily gave me the Perusal of it, and allowed me to take Notes
from it.] From Kenneth, the Son of the first Colin, his Descendants are
call''d Mackenneths by the Highlanders, and English''d Mackenzie. This last
Kenneth was succeeded by a Son of the same Name, and he by Murdo, who
is design''d Filius Kennethi, in a Grant which he had from King David II. of
his Lands of Kintail, in the Year 1360.
!BIOGRAPHY: Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie, THE PEERAGE OF
SCOTLAND, Edinburgh, 1813, p. 479.
I. Calin, was among those who signalised themselves at the battle of
Largs, on the part of Alexander III., King of Scotland, 1263, when the
Norwegians were defeated. He there displayed so much valour, that the
King bestowed on him the territory of Kintail in Ross-shire, pro bono et
fideli servitio, tam in bellow quam in pace, to be held by him in a free
barony, by charter dated at Kincardine, 9th January 1266. According to
Crawford, this charter of Kintail, granted Colino Hybernico, was in the
hands of the late Earl of Seaforth, and was communicated to him the Earl
of Cromarty, who wrote an essay on the family of the Mackenzies. It is
said that Calin having at a huntin match killed a stag that was making
towards the King, had a stag''s head assigned to him for his armorial
bearing, still the cognizance of the family. He died at the castle of
Island Donan, and was buried in the monastery of Icolmkill in 1278. He
is stated, on the authority in the margin [i.e., Mackenzie''s HISTORY OF
THE MACKENZIES], to have married a daughter of Walter, high steward of
  • BEF 1263 - Birth -
  • 1278 - Burial - ; Monastery,Icolmkill,Ross-Shire,Scotland
  • 1278 - Death - ; Eilean Donan,Dornie,Ross-Shire,Scotland
Colin Fitzgerald
BEF 1263 - 1278
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Earl_of_Kildare
Marriageto ?
MColin Fitzgerald
BirthBEF 1263
Death1278Eilean Donan,Dornie,Ross-Shire,Scotland
Marriageto Daughter
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Colin Fitzgerald
BirthBEF 1263
Death1278 Eilean Donan,Dornie,Ross-Shire,Scotland
Marriageto Daughter
PARENT (F) Daughter
Marriageto Colin Fitzgerald
FatherWalter High_Steward
MKenneth Fitzgerald
BirthBEF 1278
Marriageto Morba MacDowal
Descendancy Chart